Technical Staffing

Gaps in technical expertise—no matter the cause—can significantly interfere with an organization’s ability to meet its mission. The breadth and depth of our staff’s experience make us your best bet for all aspects of programmatic support.

Through our subsidiary AlphaTRAC On Site, a women-owned small business, we can help you solve those problems by supplementing your staff with people who can deliver on the technical requirements and get the job done. Areas of technical focus include:

  • Emergency management
  • COOP and business continuity planning
  • Fire protection analysis
  • Analysis of CBRNE hazards
  • Meteorological monitoring, assessment, and prediction
  • Safety and security analysis
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Fire training
  • Environmental engineering
  • Industrial hygiene and safety
  • Project and program management

Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation team has a wealth of experience in emergency management and its members are recognized experts in emergency planning, preparedness, and response. We can deliver the right resources to complement your organization on the basis you need:

  • Short-term placement: For many organizations, the initial effort to launch a program can strain already tight resources. AlphaTRAC On Site can provide the right staff to help you over the hump.
  • Long-term placement: We can provide personnel on a longer-term basis and ramp our staff up or down as needed to provide the variable level of support you need.
  • Direct on-site support: Many programs have levels of complexity, security requirements, or challenges that are best addressed by integrating our staff into your team at your facility.


AlphaTRAC has experience standing up a turnkey emergency management program using our resources and can do it for your location. This enables a client to leverage the experience of emergency management professionals to help meet emergency management requirements quickly and efficiently. Our subject matter experts can support your project or program on an as-needed basis to help you bridge temporary gaps in expertise.

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