Free Decision-making Training For Firefighters 

Join AlphaTRAC and the IAFC Near Miss Program as we partner to revolutionize decision-making training. Access a new scenario every month based on historical events and trending issues and learn to make better decisions, faster.

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Advancing public safety training through innovative technology and critical decision-making training

Near Miss 

Leveraging the experiences and lessons learned from the public safety community to create simulation-based training

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Real Stories

Offers training scenarios based on actual firefighter experiences

Life Safety

Meets Life Safety Initiative #8 as defined by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

User Tracking

Tracks individual user data, including scenarios played, results, and analytics


Uses historical cases from Near Miss, NIOSH, NFIRS and more

Cloud Hosted

Provides online access 24/7 through most
internet browsers

Fresh Training

Delivers new scenario training rotated in every month

[Free Webinar] Making the Most of AlphaACT FIRE

Discover how to leverage the AlphaACT FIRE system in developing your situational awareness and decision-making skills during crisis. We will walk you step by step through the features and functionality of the system while teaching you the underlying decision-making principles of the decision-making process.

Next Webinar: Every Wednesday @ 12:00 pm EDT

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