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AlphaACT FIRE | Annual Subscription 

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Through an innovative partnership with the IAFC Near Miss Program, AlphaACT FIRE places the experience of veterans into the hands of users, through complex fireground scenarios. Far more than simulation training, AlphaACT FIRE teaches you how to leverage experiences from the past to make better decisions today.

Annual Subscribers Receive

  • Unlimited access to the full library of 75+ interactive scenarios 
  • Access to additional scenarios, added to the library every month, based on trending topics and problem areas in the fire community
  • Performance assessment with individual user tracking, including scenarios played, results, and analytics
  • Access to a 1-hour online introductory course on Crisis Decision-making
  • Locked in annual rate for as long as you stay subscribed

Join the revolution and help close the growing experience gap in the fire industry.

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Why Upgrade My Training?

Address Critical Firefighter Safety Training Gaps

Dive deeper and more frequently into training focused on improving situational awareness and crisis decision-making skills, two of the leading causes of firefighter injuries and near miss events identified by the IAFC's National Near Miss Program

Train On The Current Problems Affecting The Fire Community

From grow operations to new construction materials, access new and relevant scenarios added to the library every month, addressing the current and growing needs of the fire community

Deal With The Growing Experience Gap

The experiences of veteran firefighters are quickly being lost to retirement. Build up the rolodex file of experience for the next generation of Incident Commanders. Rapidly and consistently train on scenarios based on actual events.

Understand Firefighter Performance

Discover your strengths and address your weaknesses. Upgrade and access system integrated technology and analytics that allow you to get a grip on performance measurements that matter

Enhance Group Discussions With Individualized Tracking

Leverage your AlphaACT FIRE upgrade to facilitate more group sessions in the classroom or around the kitchen table and reinforce those discussions through unlimited individual scenario play

Save Money on Training

Avoid installation fees, version update costs and individual scenario purchases. Subscribers get no-installation-required access to every upgrade, every scenario for as long as they subscribe. Subscribe today and lock in an annual subscription rate for as many years as you continue subscribing